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Student Stainless Steel Scissors 13cm

Student Stainless Steel Scissors 13cm

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Stainless steel scissors with plastic handles ideal for students in the classroom. Size: 13cm. An economic and quality resource that fits comfortably into children's children's hands, allowing greater independence and development of fine motor skills for fuss free snipping and cutting. These scissors are a terrific option for children to practice their cutting skills and use to complete all sorts of classroom work and tasks. They are a great every day option for cutting out shapes or collage for art and craft or cutting out worksheets in the classroom learning environment. The smooth plastic handles of these student scissors ensures they're easy to hold and use. The stainless steel frame and blades ensure these scissors are suited for longevity in a classroom environment.

There's so many ways children can practice and perform their scissor skills. From free form cutting of paper and card to cutting out specific shapes, lines and patterns with increasing difficulty. These scissors also stand up well when positioned in a wooden scissor block which is great for storage and accessibility for children in the classroom. Scissor skills are a handy ability to have which helps supports the development and movement of the small muscles in the fingers and hands essential for drawing, writing, working through self help tasks and so much more!

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